The following are letters written to Gentle Healing, by Gentle Healing Graduates, and are on display at the school. The words of these graduates truly expresses how Gentle Healing strives to not only prepare it’s students for an exciting career path but also offers a new way to look at oneself and the world in which we live.

“I have had a full time job for five years, but realized that something needed to change. I wanted to do something more fulfilling than office work. I now do massage therapy on the side and have Gentle Healing to thank for leading me to such a rewarding field. Massage enables me to interact and connect with all types of people. I love meeting people and being able to help them through their stress- mental and physical. Each client brings an opportunity for me to give them peace of mind, even if only for an hour. The program at Gentle Healing is very thorough and the teachers were excellent. All staff was friendly, approachable, and very knowledgeable of their respective fields. It sounds cliché, but the year I spent at Gentle Healing changed my life completely. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate my time there and the wonderful opportunities I had to learn and the people I had a chance to meet.”

– Sara, GH Graduate

“I decided to study massage therapy as a second career. Even though I enjoyed my old career very much, I had worked at the same thing for more than twenty five years and wanted to experience something new and exciting. Gentle Healing provided excellent instructors, a peaceful, nurturing environment and opened new doors of opportunity for me. I feel that with the solid foundation of knowledge that I received at Gentle Healing I have been able to build a fulfilling and satisfying career. I have been fortunate and very lucky I guess to have worked as a massage therapist at a number of spas and studios throughout the state and have eventually become lead massage therapist at every place I have worked. I can honestly say that owners and managers are familiar with and respect the graduates from this school. I would recommend the Gentle Healing School to anyone who is interested in helping others through the power of massage therapy.”

– Tom, GH Graduate

“A year ago almost to the day I came to Gentle healing School of Massage with an open heart and mind. I didn’t really know what to expect, but what I did know was that I needed a change in my life. I needed some focus, some hope, a goal or a plan for my future. I needed some “healing.” What I ended up with was more than I ever expected. I met wonderful people who truly care. I gained so much knowledge of a variety of things thanks to all the wonderful teachers here. I developed friendships that I hope I never lose. I laughed, I cried. I ended up with a career that I know I will truly love. I wish that I didn’t have to leave Gentle Healing but you all will always be in my heart. Thank you… for everything.”

– Suzanne, GH Graduate

“Gentle Healing graduates come to us with levels of knowledge, skill and passion that set them apart from others in the massage therapy community. Our success in growing the membership base of our spa stems from our commitment to only hiring the most talented massage therapists and estheticians capable of delivering top quality services to our clients. Since we opened in 2010, Gentle Healing grads have been at the core of our success, consistently building strong and loyal followings among our clients and stepping up to serve as leaders and role models for all staff. Gentle Healing grads are always welcome at Hand & Stone in Princeton!”

– Kevin McArdle (Owner: Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa in Princeton, NJ)

“There’s a saying in Peru: “Poco a poco uno camina lejos” A beautiful Proverb: “Little by little one walks far.” My journey has been a year long but each day will last me a lifetime. With a new set of eyes, I find my path and thank Donda, Teachers, Family, Students and Gentle Healing School for guiding me along the way. Many Blessing,”

– Gia, GH Graduate

“The school and everything is excellent. I really had a blast and learned a lot in school. (I will) never, ever forget the experience.”

– Edalyn, GH Graduate

“Thank you so much for your vision. You have shown me all of my dreams are truly possible. Thank you for giving so much of yourself… if you ever need a massage, you have taught me well- so now I am available!!!”

– Crystal, GH Graduate

“This is an amazing school you have put together. I keep thinking about the statement above the front door: “Enter as strangers, leave as friends.’ There are many establishments that have a nice phrase like that, but not many really live those words. I really feel like I’m leaving as a friend. I have learned so much about Massage Therapy and myself. Thank you for the opportunity to grow at your school.”

– Robert, GH Graduate

“Thank you for creating a space where people can go to grow and better themselves. This year at G.H. changed my life.”

– Danielle, GH Graduate

“I just wanted to say that God has blessed you with the purpose of opening up this school. This school has opened up so many people. I can’t explain to you how much I’ve been telling people how this school is so special compared to everything else. It’s really how it should be: a warm environment, classmates who become family and teachers who are so understanding, helpful and enthusiastic. Thank you so much and I wish you all the best!!!”

– Christina, GH Graduate

“Thank you for everything! Your vision created the best place for helping me to grow and learn. Your caring heart and healing spirit are amazing attributes. Thank you so very much.”

– Kim, GH Graduate

“Thank you! Thank you!!! Great School, Great People! New opportunities are waiting for the new me!”

– Dee, GH Graduate