Allied Modalities


These classes are subject to change and are only offered when available


Introduction to Cranial Sacral Therapy:

An introduction class using a subtle, non-intrusive, hands-on technique to address the balance between cerebrospinal fluid pressure, which surrounds and moves through the brain, spinal cord, skull bones, sacrum and connecting membranes. (This course is only offered when available)

Introduction to Reflexology:

This is an introduction class in the art of foot and hand reflexology. Working trigger points on the feet and hands can actually cause physiological effects on the organs of the body and relieve pain. Students learn various techniques in reflexology to accommodate clients who may not be able to receive massage directly on a needed area. (This course is only offered when available)

Introduction to Thai Massage:

Thai Massage is a key component of traditional Thai medicine, a comprehensive ancient approach to healing the body, heart-mind, and energy. The massage techniques consist primarily of pressure (with the hands, feet, knees, elbows, and entire body) on energy lines called Sen, in conjunction with a large variety of passive stretching movements, done while the client is comfortably clothed. The result is an opening of the body which leaves one feeling both relaxed and energized at the same time. (This course is only offered when available)

Introduction to Geriatric Massage:

This class will discuss the issues of age and aging, guidelines and considerations for safe practice and the differentiation of patterns common to older adults.·· There will be hands-on techniques using Acupressure points, location and use; protocols for stress releases of common areas such as low back; and simple self-help points to teach the client. (This course is only offered when available)

Introduction to Qigong:

Qigong is an ancient Chinese system of mind and body health which uses slow gentle movements, breath awareness, mental concentration and physical relaxation to promote the flow of vital life force, or qi or chi. These techniques can be used for self-care to improve body mechanics and increase overall wellness, as well as an energetic healing modality during massage. (This course is only offered when available)

Addiction/Substance Abuse:

This course will present a broad overview of the field of Addiction and Substance Abuse. Topics will include: nature of addiction, defining Abuse vs. Dependence, assessment, intervention, treatment options and referral sources. Mention will be made to addictions such as: gambling, eating disorders and dual disorders. Information will be provided for Counselor Certification Programs in the State of New Jersey. This seminar will use didactic presentation, group discussion, videotape examples, and handouts to accompany presented material. (This course is only offered when available)

Introduction to Trager:

An approach using gentle, rhythmic movement to simply connect a client to their body and stimulate deep relaxation, improved physical mobility, and calm the mind. As a result, clients let go of physical and mental blocks, release unneeded tension, move more easily and effectively and feel better. This educational process, developed by Milton Trager, M.D., reaches below the client’s conscious awareness to the levels that operate their body for them. (This course is only offered when available)

 Introduction to Polarity:

Balancing the energy of the body on all levels is the basis of the polarity method. It promotes natural healing by the body by balancing and stimulating the life energy current. By incorporating gentle moves into bodywork, we can balance the positive and negative energies of the body. This is an introductory course.(This course is only offered when available)